Principal Conference

Principal as a Motivator.

Dear Principal,

Success of our work very much depends on how much we are able to motivate our team. Sometimes the stock in the arsenal has to be replenished. Keeping in view of this fact, Confederation has been organizing training programmes for the principals.

In the past we have organized residential training programmes in collaboration with Indian Institute of Management, Calicut. But this would be beneficial only for very few people. So in the last two years we have been organizing Pricipal’s conference and training programme for two days in a mega scale. We have fixed October 2nd and 3rd as the permanent dates for such training programmes. In 2009 we were fortunate enough to have the gracious presence of our chairman Shri. Vineet Joshi IAS, Regional officer Shri. N Nagaraju and the Education officer Dr. Sadhana Parashar.

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